Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lazy 8's

Isn’t it strange
This turning of the wheel
Drawn on the sky?
Like lazy eights
And the breathless way I feel
As I watch the biplane fly.

What a turning we have been
Twisting in the air
End falling over end
Coming back to earth
Devil may care
Without wingman or friend.

Would that daring flamed you
As it did my soul
Weightless tossing of the heart
Horizons lost
Craft falling in a long, slow roll
Nearly tearing me apart.

You flew one way
I another.
In time, our time had passed.
Any heat I feel, I vent
The breath I have, I smother
Knowing nothing ever lasts.

So, pardon this sense of awe
And how I seem to reel.
It’s bent within my frame
And the nature of my flaw
To act on what I feel
And play my token in this game.

It’s like lazy eights
Etched upon the blue
Stark white, and strong
A testament to fates
The old becoming new
No matter right or wrong.

Write this on the sky
Let the Ariel song be sung
In verse bright and bold:
Let us live before we die
And be young
Before we’re old!